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Adventures in Space

Miriam Schembri 2007-01-23

We, the Little Explorers from Malta, are having Adventures in Space.We discuss together what an alien is and where they live.
We decide to invent aliens and their lives.
We start by drawing aliens. Each of us invent our own alien.
We also imagine and make aliens out of dough.

We discuss where the aliens live. We know that they live on other planets. We imagine that they live in a village which is very colourful. Their houses are full of colour. So we decide to turn our theatre room at school into an alien village. We call the village Chiri Village.
We sponge paint long sheets of paper with shapes and then we cover the theatre and cupboards with these paper to make alien houses.

In Chiri Village live aliens. So we make believe we are aliens. We imagine that the aliens are also very colourful. We make alien costume to dress up in.

Now each alien and family has a name which of course we invented. And it was fun being so imaginative. Now we can take on alien roles in our Chiri Village. The aliens buy and cook their food. Oh we are so busy!!!

The aliens clean their colourful houses.
The alien children like to play all day long. They play with alien toys. They play with magnets.
The aliens like music so we make alien musical instruments out of objects we find in our classroom.

The aliens go to sleep :)
The aliens go to sleep :)

The aliens also like to dance and sing.
The aliens gaze at the stars.
We have fun imagining we are aliens.

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