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Easter in Malta

Miriam Schembri 2007-04-11

In Malta Easter has been the focus of great festivities, in the churches which have been beautifully decorated, as well as the family observances.
The children enjoy being donated a figolla. This figolla is a typical Maltese delicatessen associated with this time in Easter. Nowadays chocolate eggs or rabbits are also given to children / View more.../
As part of the festivities a very colourful procession is held in the morning of Easter Sunday with the statue of the Risen Christ where traditionally the bearers actually run with the statue along the roads, as a reminder of Christ's Resurrection. This is an old Maltese tradition. The pealing of bells and glorious weather adds to the festa-like atmosphere. In some villages, this procession is held early in the morning at around 8 o'clock. This is done to remind us that Jesus rose up from the death in the morning. The statue of Christ carries a flag, and a band plays joyful marches. During the procession the children hold up the figolla for Christ to bless.
This procession is followed by a family get-together for a large lunchtime meal of spring lamb, baked potatoes and local vegetables.

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