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Top 100 eLearning Awards 2006
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Ewa Kurzak 2007-01-18

Nobody has seen dinosaurs. However we could see real-size models of dinosaurs. The dinosaurs were of different colours. The colours could be either protective or warning. The bones of dinosaurs preserved in rocks. The palaeonteologists dig out fossils and examine them. A lot of fossil nests with eggs inside survived. Some of them were of extraordinay size and some of them were of hen eggs size. The palaeonteologists try to put all, even the smallest, fossil bones together. They examine: age, size and shape of the reptiles, they examine the way dinosaurs moped, what they ate and what their customs were. Dinosaurs were reptiles. Nowadays we can also see reptiles. They are: lizards, Snake, turtles and crocodiles.
=>Dinosaurs 1part (pps.)
=>Dinosaurs 2part (pps.)
=>Dinosaurs 3part (pps.)

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