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Spring weather in Malta

Miriam Schembri 2007-04-21

The 4 year old children from Malta observe the Spring weather. They see what the weather is like. They look at the temperature and see that it is rising. They use a colour coded system to record the temperature:
Red for Hot
Orange for Warm
Grey for Cool
Blue for Cold
They look at their clothes to see if there is any change in their clothing from Winter. They observe that they are wearing lighter clothes./View more.../

We enjoy going for a walk in our school garden. We observe that there are blossoms on some of the trees. Ooh they are so pretty!

We see the biggest tree in our school garden. It is the Carob tree. It is very, very old. It is very much older than even our grandparents. It has a very thick trunk and lots of leaves. From the carobs which grow on this tree people make a syrup which we take when we have a cough. When it is hot we like to play in the shade of the carob tree.

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