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Task 5

Found 14 articles.

Headline   Author   Published

EXPLORING THE SHADOW   Gonzßlez   2008-03-02
Past and Present /Poland   Kurzak   2007-10-26
The Time Vehicle   Kurzak   2007-10-26
MEASURING TIME /Spain/   Piedad Avello   2007-06-03
Light and dark   Schembri   2007-04-09
Past and present /Malta   Schembri   2007-04-09
Days of the week   Schembri   2007-04-09
Night time   Schembri   2007-04-09
TIME -movies from Malta   Schembri   2007-04-09
Exploring time: DAY and NIGHT   Schembri   2007-04-09
MEASURE OF TIME /Sbiu in Romania/     2007-03-31
SUNDIALS   Piedad Avello   2007-01-27
EXPLORING THE ANCIENT EGYPT   Piedad Avello   2006-12-10
T5/ Sundial - two ways of measuring time.   Kurzak   2006-09-26

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