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Top 100 eLearning Awards 2006
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Kindergarten in Horazdovice (CzR)

Ewa Kurzak 2006-10-29

(Population 6,000, altitude 427 m above the sea level, the Otava River)
The town Horažďovice is situated in Western Bohemia in the foothills of the Šumava Mountains.
The history of Horažďovice has been closely connected to the history of renowed Prácheň. The fortified site of an ancient settlement in Prácheň used to be an important strategic point under the reign of the Přemislids. Horažďovice became famous for pearl musels breeding.
There is much to see in Horažďovice. The most important cultural sights include the remains of the town fortification from the 13th century. The square adjoins the extensive building of the Baroque Castle which provides the shelter to museum and the gallery. The fresco decorated large castle hall is a scene of the concerts of the music festival “The Castle Musical Summer“. The sports area Na Lipkách offers sports facilities, including a swimming pool, tennis courts, and a water sports camp.Visitors are welcome to take a pleasant walk in the natural reservation Ostrov laid in the style of an English park.
Horažďovice is served by frequent trains running between Plzeň and České Budějovice. Visitors travelling by train are advised to change at Horažďovice Předměstí for Klatovy bound trains calling in Horaždovice Town.
We wish every visitor an ejoyable stay!


Duha=> Rainbow
Duha=> Rainbow

The kindergarten DUHA (Rainbow) is situated in an older standardized pavilion building in the middle of a larger garden in the older housing estate development.
The staff cares for 92 children at the age from (2)3 to 6(7) years of age in 4 classes. The classes are heterogeneous. The DUHA school integrates disabled children, too.

The DUHA conception

• To know, to experience and to try everything we can discover and see ( the animated nature and the inanimate nature, the community of people, plants, animals …)
• To know, to experience and to try what we can influence and what we have been influencing.
• To know, to experience and to try what is mysterious, metaphorical and invisible.
• To know, to experience and to try what can bring pleasure to me and to the others, it is reason for:


• Activities
• Computers
• Fine art - circle Barvička – art therapy
• English language
• Health gym
• Exercises of parents with their children
• Choir Duháček – music therapy
• Zoo therapy
• Cycling trips
• Therapeutic stays in Croatia
• Winter therapeutic trips joined with skiing lessons
• Swimming lessons


-> Health 21
-> Antismoking programme
-> What makes us harm, What makes us good
-> Getting to know the planet Earth
-> Water in our life
-> Ecology – The Day Of The Earth - waste
-> Traditions and customs
-> Advent and Christmas
-> Carnival
-> Easter
-> Kermis

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