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Top 100 eLearning Awards 2006
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WELCOME SPRING in Horazdovice

Alena Pruchova 2007-04-24

The children traditionally followed the weather.
=> They set the differences between the spring and winter weather
=> A seed germination experiment – a beatiful present on the Easter table
/Power Point presentation/

They acquainted themselves with the spring and Easter customs.
=> They did experiments with eggs, seeds, water, earth...
=> They painted, drew, sang, sang carols, played the theatre

They prepared Easter presents to their families and school friends

They experienced the Easter story with an interest.

Eggs – the symbol of Easter

An experiment with an egg – the making of a „snake egg“ – we learn how the vinegar effects the eggshell (we pour the vinegar over a raw egg, 24 hours later the vinegar bites into the eggshell – the result = „a snake egg“ – TRY IT TOO!!!

Choose and weigh the fruits (a melon, a mandarin, an orange, a pear, grapes, apples- red, green, strawberries...tinned pine apples) – peel, clean and cut into pieces into a bowl, add tinned pine apples, stir, keep cool in the fridge, eat. It is delicious and healthy – enjoy your meal!

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