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Top 100 eLearning Awards 2006
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Miriam Schembri 2007-11-04

"Where does the water go?"
The children do an experiment with water to try to figure out what happens to water when it is exposed to the air. Where does the water go? Have they ever wondered what happens to the water in puddles after it stops raining?
=> Evaprotection ppt.

We put the cup on a window sill and observe what happens. We leave it there for 5 days. Each day we observe the water disappearing. It is called ‘EVAPORATION’. The water has gone up into the air. Evaporation occurs when the particles of water become warm enough that they turn into vapours and leave the cup and escape into the air. After 5 days the water has all disappeared. It has been evaporated.

We wet the paper napkins and tie them up in a plastic bag.

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