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The Toys Museum in Karpacz

Ewa Kurzak 2007-07-03

The toys was donated to Karpacz town in 1994 by Henryk Tomaszewski, an eminent artist and the founder of the Wroclaw Mime Theatre.
The toys on display come from many countries and date back to different periods, showing the history of toy manufacturing in the past two centuries.

The oldest exhibits, dating from the 18th century, include the religious figurines of a nun, an altar boy and the Nativity figures whereas among the latest you will find the Barbie dolls and Transformers.
All the toys are exhibited in the genuine scenery designed by Kazimierz Wisniak, a scenographer from Stary Teatr (Old Theatre) in Krakow, who works for Henryk Tomaszewski. The concept behind the scenery is to appeal to the spectator's imagination, therefore the cabinets bear no captions.

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