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Maria del Mar 2007-04-15

Five years old pupils visit a dinosaurs museum
They roamed our planet in the far distant past and return now to reclaim their rightful place among us in the heart of the Jurassic kingdom of Asturias.
While one group visited the museum another practice about how to be a palaeontologist.

We were very excited. The museum has got the shape of a dinosaur footprint.

looking for fossils
looking for fossils

classifying them
classifying them

Identifying what footprints belongs to a carnivorous dinosaur or if it ate plants.

We saw the skeletons of dinosaurs. We knew the different kinds of them and we could practice to say their names.
It was very interesting, after being studying about dinosaurs during March to have the opportunity of visiting the museum.

We talked and discussed about the extinction of the dinosaurs, why, what the reasons could be.

The elderst pupils, who can read, looked for dinosaurs information in the ENCARTA kids enciclopaedia of Microsoft.
=> Webquest: DINOSAURIOS

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