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Gravity and Friction in Cauldeen Primary

George Glass 2007-10-25

Children from Nursery school made science experiment. It related to Gravity and Friction. Children rolled various objects.

Following outside play with rolling things the experiments were introduced using familiar objects from the classroom.
Experiments with ramps and wheeled toys.

Questions for the children to find answers to through experimentation.

--> What rolled faster?
--> What was slow?
--> Does everything roll?
--> Why do some things slide or not move at all?

Develop appropriate language to describe the outcomes of the experiments.

The STEEP ramp meant a fast car
The train was HEAVY and travelled quite FAST
On a more EVEN slope the cars moved SLOWER and needed a push
A ball ROLLS DOWN the ramp
The white car was TOO FAST
The stone was SMOOTH and went FAST


What will happen if……
--->  the ramp was smooth?
--->  the ramp was rough and bumpy?

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