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The description of the project /CLIMATE/

Ewa Kurzak 2006-09-27

Aim: Understanding the climate differences between different parts of our continent, observing cause and effect connections in behaviors between humans, plants, animals and nature.

Measurements are made everyday on subsequent five days in the second week of October, the third week of January, the fourth week of March and the second week of June.

Observation sheets, thermometer, crayons, felt-tip pens, pencils, computer...
/Example: Individual observation sheet /

Process of works:
1.Teachers from the partner nursery schools prepare observation sheets.
2. They decide on: the scope of observations (categories, symbols), time and the way of note-taking.
3. Presenting the idea and the cooperation rules.
4. Having completed the research In their countries children discuss and prepare ‘Collective sheet of results’
5. ‘Collective sheet of results’ is then sent via electronic mail to a partner nursery.
6. Children read the symbols, compare and analyse the results received from their friends and mark all the differences they’ve noticed or mark the lack of the differences. The results are also sent via electronic mail.
7. Having completed the measurements and observations children present them to their parents, make a presentation and Power Point presentation and send e-mails.
8. Some additional works of children like paintings, pictures or other documentation of children’s games and recorded songs about the seasons of the year can be added to the project.

The results of the work of children shall be:
1. Measurements and observations of the weather phenomena and resulting out of them behaviors of nature and humans in Poland, Spain, Malta and other partner countries – a discussion.
2. Using simple research and observation tools and taking notes.
3. Publications on the Internet site and In blogs.

- presentations of the children’s works, exhibitions of the outcomes, publishing them on the internet http://humanapartofnatureclimate.blogspot.com/

Individual observation sheet

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1. Very good work. Josephine Ebejer Grech 2007-01-28

Saturday 9th of December 2023 - 10:25 PM

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