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How we work in Nursery No5 in Glogow, Poland

Ewa Kurzak 2006-10-29

Legal basis:
=> Constitution of the Republic of Poland
=> Educational System Act
=> Statute of the Kindergarten
=> Pre-School Education Curriculum Basis
=> Kindergarten’s Internal Acts (e.g. teacher-written curricula)

* Legal situation of teachers is specified in Teachers’ Charter and Labor Code

=> Kindergarten supports the development and early education of the three to six-year-olds.
=> It ensures care, education and learning in safe environment full of acceptance.
=> Prepares children for school.

Sections of curriculum:
• Knowing the world and oneself
• Acquiring skills through actions
• Finding one’s place among peers and in a community
• Building a set of values

-> Each of the sections offers detailed content which can become a basis of tasks, topics and aims of the Comenius project. Each of the topics of the Comenius project are joined with the sections of the kindergarten’s work plan.

As you can see the topics of the Comenius project are joined with learning and the sections of the kindergarten’s work plan.

=> Knowledge (knowing road rules, values, healthy lifestyle, tradition and national culture and cultures of other nations)
=> Skills (acquiring skills through activities, simulations of real situations, experience, erudition, planning, cooperation, etc.)
=> Understanding (practical application of knowledge and skills in a little and later grown up man’s life)

Classes with children:
• Teachers organize classes in the form of games.
• Different games should appear during a day, e.g. physical games, musical games, outdoors games, art games, literary games, social games, mathematical games, etc.
• Everyday teachers conduct lessons for the whole group: 1-2 for three and four-year-olds, 2-3 for five and six-year-olds. Duration of the lesson: 15 – 45 minutes.
• The greater part of the day is devoted to individual games or games in groups of two to four children. The aim of conducting the games is to activate knowledge and skills in many different areas, and practicing the use of knowledge in practice.

Corelation of the content and games:
While planning the games teachers should follow certain rules:
• Diagnose children’s developmental possibilities and children’s skills (they should check if children’s level of skills correlates with the norms presented by a little child’s psychology). The research should be conducted in September and May. Teachers should monitor their students’ development.
• The contents of lessons should be changed everyday, physical and intellectual effort should be included in every lesson. Even one 30 minute lesson should include a set of different activities (moving, speaking, counting, singing, social contacts – cooperation with a partner). Different senses should be included.
• Differentiation of tasks and requirements.
• Order, regularity and responsibility for the effects of one’s work with children.
• Teacher should inform parents about their children successes and should inform them about any psychological and pedagogical need if only such needs appear.
• Teacher should write monthly plans. He/She should plan all the aspects of work with children, parents and the environment.

Creating conditions:
• Teachers themselves arrange teaching space, they design teaching resources, put information on the board.
• Organize festivities, ceremonies, concerts, trips, meetings with interesting people, specialists, etc.
• Teachers are obliged to improve their skills.

• Teacher’s work is evaluated by the head of the school, who at the same time consults parents. The head of the school observes a teacher’s work in classroom, during meetings with parents ant contacts with the environment.
• The work of the head of the school is also evaluated by his/her supervisors.

• Children and their parents
• Kindergarten’s pedagogical staff
• Pedagogical and psychological counselling institutions
• Teacher education centres
• Education Board
• Department of Education and City council

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