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Top 100 eLearning Awards 2006
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T2/ Directions - Distances

Ewa Kurzak 2006-09-23

“Hot – cold” game

Looking for hidden in the classroom objects by giving verbal hints: hot – when the child is looking in the right part of the classroom or going in the right direction and cold for the wrong part of the classroom/direction.

“Graphic dictation”
Teachers using words which describe direction (right, left, up, down) show students the way which they draw on a piece of checked paper. When working/playing with older students outside of school teachers can use points of compass (North, South, East, West)

-> What words do you know for giving directions?
-> Describing the position of objects (on the left/right of…, behind, in front of, on top of …, at the bottom of…)
-> How to get to a specific place?
The Sun as a point of reference (point to the South, North, East, West).
Set directions using compass.

- The map of classroom
- The map of playground.
- The way from nursery school to park, home, etc.
- others
A map of the town/city – mark your house or nursery school on the map.
A map of your country – mark the city/town you live in, the capital city of your country, draw sea, river or mountains.
Publishing scanned works on the project’s internet site.

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